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About this Blog

I started this blog today, to have a place where I could express my thoughts on things such as politics, life, ideas and anything else I feel could be discussed. A space to vent, a space to discuss, a place to inform.

Facebook is filled with petty bullshit, Twitter has a tiny character limit, YouTube comments are definitely not the appropriate place to express opinions and Google+ is off in its own little corner of the Internet, withering away, so a blog was the most sensible choice. Here I am, catching on to the blogosphere, giving it a try for the first time.

The name of this blog comes from my political affiliation. I consider myself to be a centrist, simply because I like some parts of left wing ideologies, with its principles of sharing and equality, and I like some parts of right wing ideologies, with its respect for an individual’s rights and the freedom it grants.
I do not like extremism on either side. I strongly dislike communism and fascism, even some aspects of conservatism and socialism, I dislike, though I’ll go more in depth with those topics later, in different posts.

This blog is not all about politics, though. Anything noteworthy that I find in the news, some idea that occurs to me or even something that I feel could be shared might end up here. Other topics discussed can range from films, music, games, history, books, people, anecdotes, comedy, the list is endless. This is a blank book and it is my job to fill its endless pages.
That being said, there will always be critics who dislike the things I say, how I say them, the theme I picked, the way I write etc. but I don’t care. If you don’t like something about this page, leave. If you think something could be improved, give me some feedback or constructive criticism. It is pointless to waste your time by commenting on my posts saying “omg you suk faget gtfo!” This site isn’t big. I’m not expecting to get many visitors. All you achieve by flaming or trolling is making yourself look stupid.
Due to the nature of this site, there will always be people who disagree with me on certain viewpoints and that is fine. I respect others viewpoints and enjoy some debate.
That being said, if you simply comment saying “no, your a facking idiot”, then of course you won’t be taken seriously.

As I previously mentioned, I’m not expecting much of an audience here, on this site, but that is fine. I just want a place to discuss issues. I’m aiming for a very informal setting, so I won’t make promises about regular posts, but I will try to have new content posted relatively frequently.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’ll see you around! 🙂